Would you like to correct your posture and walking mistakes so you can get rid of the stress and pain on your body?

And then you can enjoy your healthier and happier life...

Maybe masseurs or physical therapists also assist you but "Changes start within yourself"

So, How about fixing your bad posture and walking issues which might be the general problem of all those aches on your body? And yes, you can do it and then have a better quality of life with less stress and pain on your body and more harmony and balance which you would definatelly enjoy the life more...

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Our body is a biological whole that houses our soul and allows us to live our life experience physically. The body also is a means of communication. Why not make our communication like a beautiful piece of art? You would have a more efficient posture and appearance in your everyday lives if you use the strategies on this book... People who interact with you can feel you more and show you more respect as a result of your posture, body language, and even walking. You will be more likable and the kind of professional they want to work with because of your presence. And you might get rid of the most of those muscles aches you are having, if you fix your posture and walking issues.

Awareness is everything. If you are looking for harmony and balance in life, this book might take you the right first steps. If you know what you're doing, you can do whatever you want.

"Wherever you look, there you go "


Who is Özgür Demir?

Özgür is a Pcc Coach & Mentor and also a professional Tango dancer and dance instructor with more than 20 years of international experience. He helped so many people from all around the world to learn how to dance and have more body awareness and also finding motivation to keep improving themselves. He wrote this book because he can reach more people to help them to take care of their body better so that self-awareness can increase and positive and pleasent energy can spread out easily and faster in the world.

What are you going to learn with this ebook?

Postural disorders that you should be aware of

How to get correct posture so that you can have healtier body which makes you happy

Exercises that you can easily practice to help you get better posture

10 minute daily stretching exercises so that you can start the day nicer

Technique of walking properly so you can have more balance and presence

How to choose the correct shoes for the health of your feet

Walking for exercise purpose so that you can have active and fit body

Correct posture and the importance of the walk for leadership

Very important tips for walking with high heels so that finally you can walk safer and feel more confident

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